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As you contemplate which charitable plan is best for you, the first decision you should make is: Should you give now, or should you wait?  Can you do both?  Do you wish to see the impact of your gift in the real world, right now?  What are your options for helping the temple to become a reality?


Temple of the Goddess has a variety of ways that you can participate fiscally in our vision.  In addition, many giving options can be offered in memory or honor of someone who has influenced you and your life. Your tax-deductible gifts to Temple of the Goddess can come in many forms such as:

  • Immediate Donations
  • Automatic Donations
  • Easy, Fun Donations
  • Outright Donations
  • Matching Gifts
  • Planned Donations (also known as Deferred)


Do you know someone whose life deeply influenced you, someone you would like to honor by memorializing them on the temple’s Circle of Life page?  Do you want to celebrate a special occasion? Go to our Circle of Life page and make a unique gift to keep the vision of Temple of the Goddess alive.


You can also establish a memorial through an outright gift or as a deferred donation to honor a loved one or yourself, as well as support our programs.  You also receive personal financial benefits from your contribution.


Immediate Donations


Often the most satisfying donations are those you make right when the urge strikes, the types of gifts that allow you to see the immediate benefits of your generosity. You can make a love offering to the temple right now through PayPal or by writing a check to Temple of the Goddess.


To Donate by Mail, please:

1. Print and complete the Mail-In Check Donation Form (PDF format).

2. Mail your completed form along with a check or money order made payable to Temple of the Goddess to:


Temple of the Goddess

P.O. Box 660021

Arcadia, CA 91066

For your personal safety, we do not recommend that you send cash through the mail. The memo line should contain the name of the fund to which the gift is being made, if there is one.


To Donate Online using our secured PayPal account, please:

1. Complete our Online Donation Form

Automatic Donations


What does Automatic, Continuing Donations mean?:  Basically, it’s a regular means of financially supporting any group, church, or organization, but it’s much more than that.  It’s also a sign of spiritual and emotional assistance.  It tells the world, and the Divine, that you care about that institution, that it’s a real and substantial part of your life. It’s regularly giving a small part of your income in order to help change the world for the better.  Automatic gifts are personal commitments that you make on a cyclical basis and the development staff is here to assist you in tailoring the gift to your wishes.  To find out more go to: Automatic, Continuing Gifting


Easy, Fun Donations


How can I present offerings to Temple of the Goddess with no cost to me?  Easy, Temple of the Goddess has two cool, fun ways to help support our evolving vision. Both are simple, totally painless, and involve shopping–something we have to do whether we like it or not.


            1.   Temple of the Goddess is proud to announce it’s association with AMAZON, the Earth’s Biggest Bookstore.  Please go to the Temple Store to look for books, CD’s, and DVD’s, or simply think of us when you need to shop AMAZON and sign in through our site to help support Temple of the Goddess while you “do your thing.”  When you purchase any book, or music CD from Amazon.com through our website, a percentage of the purchase price is credited to Temple of the Goddess account.  Without reaching deeper into your pocket, with minimum of effort, you will offer a Love Donation to the Temple. Visit the Temple Store!


            2.   eScrip. One simple way you can support our many worthwhile projects and activities is by signing up online at eScrip and then purchasing items you normally use causing a percentage of the purchase to be donated to Temple of the Goddess!  eScrip is a method through which various merchants have agreed to donate a percentage of each sale to charity.  It’s easy to do, and it doesn’t take a penny from your pocket. 


What is the eScrip program?: Introduced by Electronic Scrip Inc. (ESI), the eScrip program is a fundraising program that allows participating merchants to contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards, credit card, and debit/ATM card purchases to the organization of your choice–Temple of the Goddess. The eScrip program brings an unprecedented ease of use and many other advantages to fundraising programs -- it's the best vehicle for simple, year-round fundraising.


Go on line and register one or more credit cards.  Stipulate that all donations be given to Temple of the Goddess.  Then when you shop at participating stores and use the registered card, it happens.  From 2% to 8%, depending on the merchant and the amount purchased, goes into Temple of the Goddess’ account.  All without taking money from your pocket, or even thinking of the purchase as a donation.  How easy is that?  Read more about eScrip here.


Matching Donations


Matching Gifts are a contribution made in response to another contribution. A common feature of many larger corporate organizations, matching gift programs will donate to approved charities a multiple of the sum given by the corporation's employees.


Financial support is provided by companies through employee matching gift programs. These companies match their employees' donations to nonprofit organizations, enabling their employees to multiply their support by doubling, or in some cases tripling employee gifts. Matching gifts can be made through cash or pledges. To create a matching gift, contact your company's Human Resource Office.  For more information go to: Matching Gifts


Outright Donations


With outright gifts, you have the joy of seeing immediate results from your grants to Temple of the Goddess.  Outright Gifts generate the most expeditious return from your contributions to Temple of the Goddess. These gifts support a variety of needs including establishing funds specified for our youth programs, underwriting documentaries or purchasing equipment for rituals or the office.  Since Temple of the Goddess is a federally recognized non-profit religious corporation 501(c)(3) most outright gifts qualify for substantial tax benefits, which can significantly reduce the actual cost of the contribution.  There are two easy, tax-wise methods that Outright Gifts can be made to Temple of the Goddess. 


Assets, such as stocks or real estate, are an excellent source of outright donations.  You can deduct the fair market value of the asset donated to Temple of the Goddess and pay no capital gains tax on the increased value. Consider donating a vacation home, or even your primary residence with the option of continuing to live there throughout your lifetime.  Property purchased as an investment many years ago and no longer used . . . gift it to Temple of the Goddess.   To read more about it, go to:  Outright Gifts


Valuable items that no longer fit your lifestyle or needs could make excellent charitable gifts, depending upon our gift acceptance policies. An outright donation is not only personally fulfilling, but offers potential tax benefits as well.


Eliminating taxes or benefitting from an increased income stream is easy with Temple of the Goddess.  No matter how or what you give, know that you will be helping out a cause close to your heart.  After determining how to gift Temple of the Goddess, meet with your financial advisor or speak with Temple of the Goddess’ financial advisor to begin implementing your wishes.


Will you take my car . . .?  Yes.  Whether they are working or not, Temple of the Goddess accepts donations of automobiles, planes, boats, etc.  Click on the following link to find out just how easy it is to have your non-running vehicle removed from your property, from your mind, and at the same time receive a tax deduction for the donation.


These may seem like small things, but no donation to the Temple of the Goddess is viewed as small.  Each grain of sand helps to create the beach that cradles the beautiful ocean.


Deferred Gifts


Deferred gifts, also called planned gifts, are donations which are arranged during the donor's lifetime, but the benefits to Temple of the Goddess do not accrue until a later date, usually after the death of the donor or his/her beneficiaries. Bequests–assets that are transferred through a will–are the most common type of deferred gift. These types of gifts may include allocation of funds through wills, insurance policies, and retirement plans, or life income gifts such as gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.


In this age a inflation, a small life insurance policy given to you from your grandmother may not amount to much but it could be a substantial gift for the temple. Contact your insurance agent to arrange transferring the ownership of the policy to Temple of the Goddess.  To read more, go to: Life Insurance with Temple of the Goddess as Beneficiary


Deferred Gifts are excellent methods of fulfilling charitable desires, helping to change your community, and the world into a better place to live, while still achieving financial goals. As with outright gifts, deferred gifts also offer substantial financial and tax saving benefits, compatible with the donor's retirement goals and overall estate plans.


To find out more about contributing to Temple of the Goddess with deferred gifts, go to: Planned Giving.


Be a Force for good in this world.  Help the world, and especially your community become more charitable by starting with the one you’re most familiar with.  You.  Would you like to change the world?  You can. We invite you to join us in our vision of bringing back the Sacred Feminine in order to heal ourselves, our community, and the world.


Note:  The information on this site is not intended as legal, tax, or investment advice. For such advice, please consult your legal, accounting, or other professional advisors to confirm the accuracy and applicability of information and current IRS regulations governing non-cash charitable contributions.