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Why sign up for Automatic Donations?


Regular, systematic donations are similar to tossing pebbles into a pond.  When a pebble hits the surface of the water, we see ripples spreading uniformly, circularly, across the waters.  The larger the pebble, the larger the crest and the circumference of the ripples.  But, we only see the surface.  Usually, we don’t see the changes taking place under the magical air/water barrier.   Who knows what good comes from that pebble?  Perhaps it uncovers a tasty morsel for a small fish which allows it to grow to adulthood and produce the next generation.  Perhaps it forms a small cave that protects a smaller creature from a roving predator.  Perhaps the ripple splashes a flower growing just a little too far away from the shoreline and saves it with life-giving water.  As with a random act of kindness with a stranger, we just don’t know all the ramifications of each good deed.


The ‘Three times three rule’ states that everything you give will come back to you, three times three.  Automatic Donations opens your hands and your heart to receive an abundance of hope, love, more financial freedom, and that which you need.  Regularly contributing is a continual message that the Goddess cannot ignore.   It puts your spiritual health and community first, and everything else falls into place.  Giving is a spiritual practice which braces your intention to accept the fact that She will provide all that you need, and supports the thought that as the Whole becomes healthier, you, the individual as an integral part of that Whole, do too.


What are the different ways I can make Automatic, Continual Donations?


At this time there are two options for making automatic and continual gifts to Temple of the Goddess. 


1.         PayPal Invoicing. The temple will be using Paypal’s “Email Payment” plan to facilitate an online donation program that allows recurring donations at regular intervals. Once you sign up using our one-time Automatic Continuous Donations Form, you will be sent an invoice via email for the amount and stated frequency which you have agreed upon. Click here for more information about Automatic Continuous Donations through PayPal.  For more information, go to: Automatic Continuous Donations


2.         Payroll Deduction, the amount is deducted from your paycheck and you don’t have to think about it.  NOTE: Many philanthropically-minded corporations offer  “Matching Gift” donations whereby they will match any amount an employee donates to a non profit organization.  This gives you the opportunity of doubling your offering to the temple.  Automatic Payroll Donation Plan


After choosing the plan that’s right for you, follow the instructions and become a part of the evolving vision of the temple.             


Enjoying Temple of the Goddess Automatic Donation program?


When your friend or family member joins our Automatic Donation Program, as a special “Thanks to you for being a Guardian Angel”, Temple of the Goddess will send you a Temple of the Goddess Handbook with our blessings.  Simply ask them to mention your name when they sign up for the Automatic Donation program.