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A planned gift is often described as “leaving a legacy” because it is, for the most part, created to make an impact for future generations. Often referred to as a deferred donation, it is simply, planning to make a difference both for yourself and for a cause that you believe in through a charitable gift. Many planned donations are surprisingly easy and straightforward while others are more sophisticated gifts and require more care.


A planned gift can give you a tax advantage and often the tax benefits are quite substantial and it will address your estate plans and concern for your heirs. Deferred donations will complement your lifestyle goals yet match your wish to leave a legacy to the cause you care about.


A Planned Gift:


•      allows many donors to make larger gifts than they thought possible, and for some donors the only way to make a major gift.

•      is a creative way to donate using many different types of assets.

•      permits donors to give to an organization and receive substantial financial benefits.

•      helps donors achieve philanthropic and financial objectives.

•      plans for retirement and family.

•      is a way to obtain a charitable income tax deduction and avoid or reduce paying capital gains taxes.

•      avoids probate costs and reduces estate taxes.

•      can reduce federal income taxes.

•      increases current yield from stocks and bonds.


Types of Deferred Gifts include, but are not limited to:


        Life Insurance

        Real Estate

        Retirement Plans

        Living Trusts

        Charitable Remainder Trusts

        Charitable Remainder Unitrusts

        Charitable Gift Annuities

        Charitable Lead Trusts




Name Temple of the Goddess in your will.  This donation is exempt from federal estate taxes.  Find out more information–the why, the how–by going to:  The Business of Wills


Life Insurance


In this age of inflation, a small life insurance policy given to you from your grandmother may not amount to much but it could be a substantial gift for the temple. Contact your insurance agent to arrange transferring the ownership of the policy to Temple of the Goddess. Consider naming Temple of the Goddess as the primary or contingent beneficiary for either the entire proceeds or a portion of the value of the policy. Find out more information–the why, the how–by going to:  Life Insurance with Temple of the Goddess as Beneficiary.


Real Estate


You, of course, have the option to sign over any real estate property, free and clear, to Temple of the Goddess, but have you ever considered donating a vacation home, or even your primary residence with the option of continuing to live there throughout your lifetime?  This can become a valuable gift to us since a retained life estate designates ownership of your home to us, but you, your spouse, or other survivor can occupy the home throughout life.  You have a charitable income tax deduction and lifetime use of the home. 


Property purchased as an investment many years ago and no longer used . . . gift it to Temple of the Goddess.


Retirement Plan Gifts


With Temple of the Goddess as beneficiary on your retirement plan, a twofold taxation on assets is avoided.  As your beneficiary, the remainder of the assets after your lifetime will continue to graciously fund Temple of the Goddess programs.  Again, no cost to you during your lifetime.  As a non-profit religious corporation, Temple of the Goddess avoids the heavy taxation that falls to heirs, thereby receiving full use of the remaining funds.


Living Trusts


Name us beneficiary in your living trust.  You remain in control of your trust and have possible estate tax savings.  This defers a gift until after your lifetime, but acts as a memorial to your generous spirit. Find out more information–the why, the how–by going to: Living Trusts


Other Trusts and Annuities


To discover the variety of choices you have with Trusts, all of which are revocable, see the special section on adding Temple of the Goddess on your Trust Plans as beneficiary.  It’s a painless, non-cash method of being a part of the vision of the temple.  Also, please visit:  Trusts and Annuities


Methods of Gifting


Eliminating taxes or benefiting from an increased income stream, is easy with Temple of the Goddess.  No matter how or what you give, know that you will be helping out a cause close to your heart.  After determining how to gift Temple of the Goddess, meet with your financial advisor or Temple of the Goddess Financial Advisor to begin implementing your wishes.


How do I know which Gift Matches my Goals?


There is a gift for every objective.  Read and understand all the choices in Planned Giving to Temple of the Goddess.  Discuss it with your family, lawyer and your financial advisor.  Discover which gift is right for you at this time.


Deferred Gifts have small impact on your present assets, but create a huge impact for Temple of the Goddess.  Planned Giving such as Life Insurance policies, bequests in wills, and various trusts help further Temple of the Goddess and her work in modern society.


Honoring a loved one


Do you know someone whose life greatly affected you?  Who in your life do you credit as having the most to do with who you are right now?   Create a Legacy to memorialize them through the Temple of the Goddess.  Have you ever considered making a deferred gift to us in honor of that person?  Establishing a memorial through a deferred donation allows you to honor a loved one or yourself, as well as support our programs.  You also receive personal financial benefits from your contribution.


Be a Force for good in this world.  Help the world become more charitable by starting with the one you’re most familiar with.  You.  Would you like to change the world?  By gifting Temple of the Goddess you are helping to bring back the Sacred Feminine in order to heal ourselves, our community, and the world.