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It’s simple, and once done, the cyclical gifts are a continuing message that you love the Goddess and are actively seeking to bring back the Divine Feminine into our imbalanced society.  At the end of the year, you will receive a receipt showing the total amount of your contribution for I.R.S. tax purposes.  You are able to easily alter your plan at any time by submitting an Automatic-Gifting Plan Change Form.


When you register for automatic gifting, you have the joy of seeing immediate results from your donation.  Temple of the Goddess, knowing that a regular sum is systematically credited to the account is able to plan more ably for future events as they occur.  Your gift is immediately deposited to Temple of the Goddess checking account, waiting to benefit you, your community, and the Earth.


Using PayPal’s Email Payments is a quick and secure way to stay connected financially to the temple. You will be sent a “Payment Request” email from the temple at your stated frequency and all you need to do is click the Payment Button and complete the PayPal invoice using a credit card, debit card, or other payment method. It’s a quick, convenient, and easy way to help us help others.


You can sign up right now by filling out the Automatic, Continuous Gifting Form, follow the simple instructions, and submit the form with a click of the button.


Continuous Donations Form


NOTE: If, at any time, you want to make changes to your Gifting Pledge, please use the Auto-Gifting Plan Change Form (opens as a Word Doc) and send it as an attachment to: