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For many people, the goddess is now expressed not necessarily as inherently female, but as what that feminine expression embodies: the concept of life as a whole, intricately woven together in sacred unity.

                          -- The Mythology of Nature, Xia





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Are we made in the likeness of the Divine? Or is the Divine made in the likeness that we create her/him to be? The truth is as hard to grasp as water through desperate fingers—desperate to contain and claim the “one truth,” as if another’s truth could somehow invalidate our own belief or take something away from us. What arrogance for any of us to believe we know the truth of the Divine.


It is a human imperative to look within, to look without, to search for something that is greater than ourselves to connect to. It is also our human imperative to anthropomorphize the Divine, the numinous Other, into something we understand, something that makes sense within our cultural and personal construct. The Divine is both her/him and neither him nor her—the never-ending circle of all paradoxes.


So why the Goddess?

Why Temple of the Goddess?
Why now?


Beneath the veil of the Goddess is a wealth of feminine knowledge that has been lost, or forbidden, to women and the world. Knowledge is power, and learning of Goddess lore will empower women through knowledge of their ancient roots. The tapestry of the Goddess is richly woven with golden threads of rediscovered women’s art, history, cultural heritage, and folklore.


The world of the twenty-first century is out of balance. It is a world diseased by fear, hate, war, greed, violence, and all the subtle and obvious manifestations of suppression and subjugation of nature and the peoples of the world. These destructive aspects of human expression are typically considered the shadow aspects of the masculine: power not in service to the life force. It is our belief that what is needed to restore the essential balance of humanity and the planet is the life-enhancing aspects of the feminine: equality, reciprocity, and caring, to name a few. The Goddess is the pure, undiluted essence of femininity, the homeopathic cure for what ails us.


The spiritual beliefs of Temple of the Goddess are not meant to invalidate others but, we hope, serve as an affirmation of the inclusiveness of all beliefs. Just as a loving mother honors, celebrates, and respects the differences in all her children, we believe the Divine, by whatever name she/he is called, embraces the life-affirming spiritual beliefs of all humanity.


Welcome to Temple of the Goddess.  




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