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What is a living trust?


Revocable Living Trust, or intervivos, is an important part of many persons estate plans.  Intervivos means "during life", which is when the trust is established.  Revocable means that the creator of the Trust, also known as the grantor, in other words, you, can change the terms of the Trust or revoke it completely during your lifetime.  Assets in trust are not part of your will; they are allocated according to instructions in the trust document.


Name Temple of the Goddess beneficiary in your Living Trust.  You remain in control of your trust and have possible estate tax savings.  This defers a gift until after your lifetime, but acts as a memorial to your generous spirit. 


A Trust donation may also be given in honor of someone you loved or admired.  Perhaps you’d like to memorialize someone who furthered bringing the Goddess back into modern consciousness.


Please let us know when you have named Temple of the Goddess as beneficiary in your Living Trust, either as a donation, or as an honoring of someone special.  We very much would like to thank your generous spirit.


Contact us at: PlannedGiving@TempleoftheGoddess.org


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