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We are challenged, individually and collectively, as never before to reverse environmental devastation and social injustices that deteriorate our stability as one planet and one people.  The source of the problems can be traced directly to the lost feminine; those attributes commonly labeled feminine, such as instinct, intuitive guidance, and an open receptivity.  These talents have been neglected in males and often denigrated in females leading to a psychological imbalance; we must integrate these two polar energies within ourselves and our relationships in order to discover meaning and achieve harmony in our lives.


The curriculum of western education has been taught from a hierarchical, dominator point of view without addressing the balance and value that the combined masculine and feminine aspects bring to a society based on equality.  To effect this change, our actions must be directed by a profound appreciation of the interdependence of all living things (human, animal, and plant) and an unwavering commitment to support the dignity of all human beings.


In order for the human race and the planet to survive and evolve, the feminine principle, as an aspect of human consciousness, must be retrieved, integrated and brought back into full complementary balance with the masculine principle if we are ever to achieve harmony between these two basic and essential ways of experiencing life.