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1.    To provide classes for individuals seeking spiritual and personal growth through Religion, Art, Healing, Metaphysics, Ecology and New Age/New Thought.


2.    To educate and develop people for Religious Leadership, which can take many forms, including but not limited to licensed and/or ordained ministers, pastoral counselors, teachers, healing and intuitive practitioners, and administrative personnel.  Religious Leadership encompasses a wide variety of descriptions and titles, e.g., Priestess, Scholar, Reverend, Priest, Abbess, Shaman, Healer, Advocate, Counselor, Artist, Teacher, Minister, Prophet, and Contemplative.


3.    To provide a model of religious education which emphasizes an integral perspective based on nondualism, holism, and evolution; with a focus on completeness rather than fragmentation, and on the unity of polarities such as feminine-masculine, mind-body, human-universe.  We believe this model will foster a philosophy that respects, accepts and honors all differences.


4.    To cultivate a spiritual environment which is devoted to the growth and evolution of the students enrolled in the GAIA Learning Center and encourage each person to develop their own personal belief system. 


5.    To encourage self-awareness, student-centered, participatory learning.


6.    Create interactive service opportunities with the community, Temple of the Goddess and other covens, temples, circles, synogogues and churches.


7.    To heighten awareness and involvement of the critical issues of our time.


8.    Assist students in shaping their own individually designed program of study.


9.    Create an ever-expanding base of extensive reading and library resources.


10.  Share, celebrate, and worship in ritual space on Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year.


11.  To make available services for counseling referrals and spiritual direction.


12.  Assist with placements in religious and social service settings, and oversee placements with follow-up and guidance.


13.  Educate to counter oppression in all forms and in all ways.


14.  Offer independent studies.


[An Independent Study is defined here as an approved learning experience, course of study, or life experience, intentional or unintentional, and can take on any proposed form of learning or creative objective, such as writing a book or thesis, making a film or musical recording, studying and creating music, conducting art exhibitions, field research, creating curriculum and new project proposals.  Credit is given for the completed work after an advisor has reviewed a completed write-up of the project from the student.]