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GAIA is an evolving educational milieu.  The integral perspective of the GAIA Learning Center emphasizes non-dualism, holism, and evolution; it focuses on completeness rather than fragmentation, and on the unity of polarities such as feminine-masculine, mind-body, human-universe.  When put into practice the integral approach assists the individual in making sense of the world and acting effectively on many levels.


The central, unique mission of GAIA is to provide an environment, facilities and guidance for systematic, disciplined study and research in the integration of world views, philosophies, value systems, psychologies, healing and spiritual practices, art, and cultural traditions.  This dimension is defined broadly to encompass comparative and synthesizing approaches to understanding all of humankindís varied cultures, and the spiritual dimension which gives them their underlying unity.  A complementary objective is the integration of the religious, mythic, and symbolic philosophies of ancient traditions with the empirical, analytic paradigms of modern western thought.  (An education that has personal as well as vocational value.)


The GAIA Learning Center is rooted in an integral perspective which recognizes the individual as a body-mind-spirit composite, and uses didactic and experiential classes and training sessions supplemented by group process.