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In Memory Of


Grace Bumer and Marie Bumer

Thank you Aunt Grace and Aunt Marie for being the best mothers in the world to me.  I wish you were still here, and I think of you often.

Patricia Baird


Roy Benson and Elsie Benson

For the father and mother who filled my heart with love.

In Her service,

Carol Holst


Marija Gimbutas

Born in far-off Lithuania in 1921.  A female archaeologist, she looked at Old-European “Venus” statues in a fresh light bringing the Goddess into reality.  I honor her for her insight, her 20 books, and her perseverance in the face of opposition.  Dying in 1994, her sweet spirit encircles us still.



Jacquelyn Leiter Farnsworth

I miss my sister Jackie. Three years older than me, she was my rock when our brother died. She taught me about life, death, and responsibility. In some ways we were opposites, but in the most important way, we were the same. We loved each other and respected the different choices we made. 59 is way too young to die.
Jeanne Leiter Clark