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Guiding Principles of

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We believe that every person is the living embodiment of the Divine and a manifestation of Divine Immanence.
We respect that every person is their own spiritual authority and no one can define the Sacred and Divine for any one else.
We recognize that there are many paths to the Divine, symbolized by the many “goddesses” and “gods” of all cultures and all lands.
We support an ideology and spirituality of partnership of relations based on equality, reciprocity, and caring as opposed to domination and control.

Though we recognize the Divine in many forms, the focus of that which we call the Divine is manifested in the feminine as “Goddess”.

We respect and love Mother Earth, Gaia, as a sacred entity who is part of and connected to a vast living cosmos.  We believe She is immanent in all of nature, life, and the cycles of life.  We honor the interdependence of the web of all existence of which we are each a strand.
We believe the loss of the feminine consciousness and ideologies have caused near irreparable damage to humanity and the planet; and we believe that emergence of the feminine consciousness, in balance with the masculine, is the greatest hope for humanity and the planet.
The feminine consciousness is the ability to create, nurture and enhance life, and therefore respecting the feminine nature in all beings and in all aspects of life has the power to greatly enhance healing and our quality of life on this planet, and conversely, disrespecting the feminine has and can cause damage to all of life because of its interconnectedness.

We accept the abundant goodness of creation which purports that all beings are meant to live in joy, love, and harmony.

We believe in a morality and ethics in which the primary imperative is to harm none.



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