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You can begin the process of Temple of the Goddess Affiliation by:


Step One: Dream and Vision


Determine your vision.  Dream of the Temple or spiritual home that would inspire you.  Ask yourself what that Temple would be like. 


Step Two: Gather and Communicate


Call together those people that you share a spiritual practice with.  This spiritual family is essential to the creation of a Temple.  Ask them to bring their own vision of a Temple or spiritual home.  Listen respectfully knowing that communication includes the art of listening as well as speaking.  Let the vision expand and contract with those you’ve called together.


Step Three: Design and Develop


Develop an overall sense or statement of mission with people who are inspired by your dream. Answer the all-important question: "Why would your new congregation serve the community better than the churches that are already there?"


Step Four: Divine


In reflection and prayer, find the answer to the question: "What does Spirit want me to do?"


Step Six: Choose


Decide on which model of congregational development your new congregation will  follow. Define what is to happen after the initial public meeting.


Step Seven: Launch!!!


At an initial public meeting, present your Good News in a way the community has never heard before.


Step Eight: Do


Whatever your next step is -- worship, group discussions, community-building events -- do them immediately following the initial public meeting, while there is interest.


Step Nine: Build

Keep moving forward, taking advantage of the momentum from the initial public meeting and your first steps.