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A Kuan Yin Meditation




Kuan Yin
Let not a single doubt arise to haunt us,
For Kuan Yin Bodhisattva,
Holy Sage,
Amid life's troubles,
And the pains of dying,
Will ever be our refuge, and our aid.
O Holy One!
Replete with every virtue,
Your kindly gaze beholds all living things,
A boundless sea you are, of every blessing,
And let us bow to offer our esteem.





Her mind is virtue, perfected.
Her body is wisdom, perfected.
Her face is bathed in Holy Light.
She is Compassion itself.
Her orchid heart delights in Mercy.
No matter what evils we face,
No matter what beasts or demons,
No matter what ill fortune or disease,
No matter even if we face death,
Kuan Yin destroys them all
With her Compassionate glance,
With her perfected soul.
She is infinitely blessed.
Let us bow to her in prayer.

If I were adrift upon the ocean
With demons and dragons all around,
I would think of sweet Kuan Yin
And the hungry waters would subside.
If I were trapped within a furnace
As hot as hell's own blazes,
I would think of Kuan Yin's power,
And the flames would turn to water.
If enemies pursued me, if I were thrown
From a high mountain peak,

If knives were raised against me,
If I were imprisoned or beset by beasts,
I would call on her.
Her pity shields me from the lightning.
Her Compassion is like a cloud around me,
Which rains down sweetness and
Puts out the fires of my sorrow.
Her very name is powerful
As thunder on the ocean.
Call it often, pray to her often,
For there is none like her in this world!


Unknown. If you know the author, please let us know.