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If you haven't meditated much before or you'd like a little guidance with your first Kuan Yin Meditation, I would like to recommend this one from the book, that I've taken from the book " Discovering Kwan Yin" by Sandy Boucher. This is a lovely, relaxing and easy to do meditation that is great for beginners.


Sit in a comfortable chair, or on a cushion in lotus position if you prefer. Close your eyes, let your body relax, and for a few moments pay attention to your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly, in and out, feel the air entering and leaving your lungs.


Now, transport yourself to a beach at the ocean. Imagine your favourite stretch of sand next to the water and place yourself there. It is a cloudy night. Hear the steady mutter of the waves, feel the warm sea breeze, smell the salt air.


Now look up to see a beautiful round Full Moon that has just risen. Watch the moonlight shimmer on the water. Gaze at the moon for a long time.


Now see it get brighter and brighter, until you can barely look at it. Gradually, the moon becomes Kwan Yin herself, her body surrounded by a glowing aureole.


Slowly she descends towards you, until she stands on a lotus blossom that floats on the waves. She is a mature woman with Asian features, an ornate headdress, and flowing robe.


At the sight of you, Kwan Yin smiles a beautiful smile, and tears of happiness shine in her eyes. She is so glad to see you.  As she comes closer, let her radiance enter you. Let her strength, her peace, and her compassion become a part of you. Let yourself open to her so that she merges completely with you.


In this moment, you feel bottomless compassion for yourself and all other creatures. Your difficulties, your weaknesses, your inadequacies, all those ways in which you do not measure up to your own standards, all those moments in which you acted carelessly or unskillfully, or when you were immobilized by confusion; all your pain that sometimes seems endless, rising up when you least expect it - let these aspects of yourself be utterly accepted by you.


Feel your suffering and confusion surrounded by the love that Kwan Yin awakens in you. Let yourself surrender into her compassion for all life. And stay there as long as you need to.


Finally, it is time for Kwan Yin to leave. You see her in front of you again. As she moves away, she becomes smaller and smaller.  At last the sea and sky vanish, too, and you rest in contemplation of the beautiful empty space that is left. Let yourself open into that space and experience it, so restful.


When you are ready, come back into your room, into your body, as you experience it sitting on the chair or cushion. Focus for a few moments, again, on your breath and breathing, until you are ready to open your eyes.  


From IsisDownUnder