Who We Are






Temple of the Goddess’ mission is to promote, foster, and support a global vision whereby all beings honor and share the Divine Connection that exists with one another and the Sacred World of Nature.


Our mission is informed by the philosophy of immanence, the belief that the world and everything in it is alive; that the Creative Life Force that courses through us also exists in every- one and everything. This life force is immanent in all of nature, life, and the cycles of life. This tenet dictates that Earth stewardship, an important mandate of environ-mental activism, is a religious responsibility.


A federally recognized religion, Temple of the Goddess is rooted in Paganism, an Earth-based religion with an emphasis on recognition of the feminine as a missing link in humanity's spiritual, ethical, and personal evolution. For many people, the goddess is now expressed not necessarily as inherently female, but as what that feminine expression embodies: the concept of life as a whole, intricately woven together in sacred unity.


Paganism is a religion of celebration which takes place within the Wheel of the Year, an ancient and sacred calendar marking the Earth's changing seasons. Our Sabbats are multi-cultural celebrations designed to re-connect us to the Earth, the cycles of the Earth and the seasons which are reflected in us. Each Sabbat brings joy and good times along with deeply felt spiritual, cultural, and ecological meaning. The changing seasons represent a psychological map of consciousness facilitating human growth. They contain the framework for personal transformation, rites of passage, healing, empowerment, and manifestation.




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