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~ July Supplemental ~



Kids Realm

Get kids into the summer spirit by making a summer rain stick. This is a cool craft that uses a cardboard mailing tube and uncooked beans to recreate the soothing sounds of a summer downpour.

What you'll need:

●        Mailing tube with removable lid

        Pale pink craft paint

        Light blue craft paint

        Mint green craft paint

        Pale yellow craft paint


        Small dish of water

        16 (2 inch) screws



        Hot glue gun and glue sticks

        2 strips of pink ribbon, 18 inches long

        2 strips of yellow ribbon, 18 inches long

        2 strips of blue ribbon, 18 inches long


        3 cups of hard beans (i.e. pinto beans)


How to make it:

  1. Paint (with craft paint) horizontal stripes all the way down the mailing tube with a paintbrush. Make sure you rinse the brush well between colors in the small water dish. Go in this color order: light blue paint, pale pink paint, pale yellow paint.

  2. After the paint has dried, paint mint green vertical stripes on top of the light blue stripes.

  3. Allow the green paint to dry.

  4. Using a hammer, pound the first half inch of the screw into the mailing tube. Do this with all 16 screws. Make them spiral around the tube, about one and a half inches apart.

  5. After all of the screws are slightly pounded in, use the screwdriver and finish screwing the screws into the tube.

  6. Using the hot glue gun, go around each of the screws to ensure that all of them stay in place.

  7. Fill the tube with the three cups of beans.

  8. Hot glue the strips of ribbon into the lid of the mailing tube, going in this order: pink, yellow, blue, pink, yellow, blue.

  9. Hot glue the lid to the mailing tube.



You can use whatever colors of paint and ribbons that you want. Make different patterns with the paint and the screws. Be creative!!! You can also use two empty paper towel rolls for the tube and two plastic milk jug caps for your closures.