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~ August Supplemental ~

Kid's Realm



Seashell Critters

By: Amanda Formaro
Difficulty: Easy
Age: 6 and up

Save the shells you find on the beach this summer and make these adorable little seashell critters. This activity is a great way to test kidsí creativity. Have a seashell critter fashion show when you are done!


What you'll need:

     ●  Seashells in various types and sizes
     ●  Hot glue gun
     ●  Wiggle eyes

How to make it:

     1.  Arrange shells together to form different animals and creatures.
     2.  Have a parent glue them together with hot glue.
     3.  Add wiggle eyes to your creatures.


     1.  Itís best to position the shells first and decide how you want them to

          go together before gluing.
     2.  Put cockle shells together to form oyster-like creatures.
     3.  For more colorful projects, paint your shells before gluing together.