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Witchhaizel aka Haize Rosen


Haize Rosen has worked professionally as an actress, dancer and choreographer for 20 years. Haize is also an energy-light worker, certified in Thai massage and Hellerwork. To complement her work in the healing arts, Haize is a certified assistant mid-wife, and has a thriving doula practice. As a dancer, Haize has studied Balinese, The Orishas of both Africa and Brazil, and Classical Indian Dance in the style of Odissi. She has choreographed such renowned musicals as Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof, Little Shop of Horrors, and Grease.  Haize recently wrote and starred in her one-woman shop, Country Colored Girl, which chronicled her family history in a small town in Alabama.  She has studied ballet with Joy Finch, and acting at Lee Strausberg. Haize has worked rehabbing children at Juvenile Hall and taught theater and dance professionally in workshops throughout Los Angeles. The ordination onto her Priestess path in Temple of the Goddess is a culmination of her life’s work and  provides an opportunity for Haize to apply her knowledge and skills in new and effective ways in the world. www.witchhaizel.com


Personal Statement:


My Goddess who invokes in me a sense of power and awe is Yemaya.  Yemayá rules over the lakes and seas. She also rules over maternity for she is the Mother of All. Her name, a shortened version of Yeyé Omo Eja is defined as  "Mother Whose Children are the Fish" to reflect the fact that her children are uncountable. All life began in the sea, the amneotic fluid inside the mother's womb is a form of sea where the embryo must transform and evolve through the form of a fish before becoming a human baby. In this way Yemayá displays herself as truly the mother of all. She, and the root of all the paths or manifestations, Olokun is the source of all riches which she freely gives to her little sister Oshún. She dresses herself in seven skirts of blue and white and like the seas and profound lakes she is deep and unknowable. In her path of Okutti she is the queen of witches carrying within her deep and dark secrets. Her number is seven for the seven seas, her colors are blue and white, and she is most often represented by drawings of fish, which represent her children.


My teachers have been many:


Amy Wiggins – Channeling

Vida Vierra – healing light hand work

Sound healing and earthkeeper prayer work – Dhyani Wahoo

Hellerwork – Raya King

Thai Massage – Thu Tu Bich Lei

Sacred Orisha Dances – Olabisi

Rituals Dances of Africa and Brasil – Dr. Beverly Barber

Odissi Dance – Radha Ravi

Balinese Temple Dance – Sardona of Bali

Sacred Native American Dance – Linda Bridges

Bellydance (Turkey) – Fatima

Orisha Ritual Dance – Swing Brasil directed by Max Jr.


I am envisioning three future projects I will manifest in the world:


My project is night of Theater and Dance enititled:


Nightmares and Fairytales: Bedtime stories retold (ie:, The evil Queen from Snow White is retold a growing older in america)


For our community I would love to create a youth group called Conversations – a safe place for young people to speak their thoughts, hopes and fears.


My life mission is also my sacred intention to create a world that cherishes motherhood and the rite of passage known as labor.