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ISSUE 08-08 August 2008
Rosemary Clark
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Kid's Realm ~ Childhood is a journey, not a race.
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Director's Message
The question most often asked after our seasonal rituals is, "can we please do this more often. We need MORE." To which I always reply, "I'm sorry, no, these are major productions which take months in the planning." So it is with great joy I  announce that starting in September, Temple of the Goddess will be offering MORE--a monthly Full Moon Celebration. This will be a more intimate evening and will allow people to connect deeply with other members of the community as well as the energies of the full moon. Led by temple priestess, Morfreyja, we hope this monthly gathering will be a wonderful way to meet in between our larger Sabbat celebrations. (See notice below for more details.) 
One of the things I've cherished most about our growing temple community is the young people who've come through our doors. Our multi-generational temple facilitators range in age from 6 to 66 but it is the young people that are my great joy. Having been in Pagan and Goddess groups for almost three decades where there were only the occasional young women but no young men and no place for children to speak of, it thrills me to see children and young people participating in the temple choir, as Eostre's enchanted hare in our spring myth, playing a cello solo in honor of the summer sun, dancing nature in The Dancing Green Woman, or Lianna offering up her amazing communion cookies at each temple Sabbat where old and young alike honor the Earth and say, "We partake of Her body and give thanks in remembrance of Her never-ending Circle of Life."
At Summer Solstice we took a few minutes to honor our temple Dedicants and some of our graduating young people. We are saying good-bye to some young men and women going off to college, but we want them to know they will always have a temple home to come back to. In this issue of Between the Columns, we honor some of our temple young folks and say we are so proud of you and are very grateful for all you've brought to us through the years.
Mark your calendars for our Fall Equinox Celebration and we hope to see you there.
Blessings, Xia

 Temple of the Goddess Announcements

Goddess Choir Rehearsals
Choir Rehearsals have resumed and will be held on Sundays, 4-6.
August 17th, 4-6pm
September 7th, 4-6 pm
September 14th, 4-6 pm
Goddess Choir:  If you'd like to be a part of the ever-growing Temple of the Goddess choir, email choir@TempleoftheGoddess.org. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!
NEEDED: Temple of the Goddess is in need of a Digital Projector for both ritual theatre and other program expansion. Please contact the director at director@templeofthegoddess.org if you can help fulfill this need or know of a company who might donate one to the temple.

Essays, articles, interviews, and poetry for temple newsletter can be submitted to newsletter@TempleoftheGoddess.org.


Click here to find out about Community Events. If you would like to post an event with Temple of the Goddess, please let us know by submitting the date and pertinent information to: Events@TempleoftheGoddess.org.
What is Community?
The Parable of the Sacred Grove by Xia
sacred groveA solitary man journeyed about the world. When he met others on the road, he looked down, grunted a passing greeting, hunched his shoulders, and continued on his way. In each village he passed, he saw the people gathering beneath the trees, the Sacred Groves they called them. They entered the wood in groups, by twos, threes, sometimes alone. They danced, sang, laughed, ate, and watched the cycles of the moon together.

The man wondered what it would be like to walk beneath those trees. Each time he passed their wood, he wondered if the people would welcome him or turn him away. He wondered why they met in their Groves, beneath the trees, instead of the village square. He wondered what drew them to those places.
But the man never went into the woods. He decided long ago that he needed no one. He walked alone. It was better that way. Still, he wondered.

Life continued on for the solitary man. The days unfolded one into another and still he walked alone.
Then one day, as the sun lowered in the sky, the man passed one of the Groves and heard a sound. "Come," a voice seemed to whisper. He looked around but saw no one. "Come." Nervously, he shuffled to the edge of the wood listening. A cooling breeze brushed over him. The leaves rustled. "Come." Continued . . .

Copyright 2005, Xia
Our wish, at Temple of the Goddess, is that each person finds a Sacred Grove, a community to celebrate the turnings of the Wheel of Life. If you're interested in taking part in the temple's Full Moon Gathering, please see Notice below or email FullMoonCelebration@templeofthegoddess.org.

"The seasons and all their changes are in me." -Henry David Thoreau

wheatWe hope you will join the temple, in community, to honor the seasons, the Earth, and our own personal growth for our 2008 Ritual Sabbats. This year's theme is "Remembering the Ancient Names" of the divine.

Our multi-cultural Earth celebrations are held at the Neighborhood Unitarian Church in Pasadena and are open to families and community. Our Sabbats are multi-media ritual theater combining mythology, music, visual art, dance, liturgy, spoken word, and participatory theater which fuses drum and dance with personal enactment to re-connect us to the seasons and the Earth.


  • September 20, 2008 Autumn Equinox
  • November 1, 2008 All Hallow's Eve

Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church
301 N. Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91103
Website: www.TempleoftheGoddess.org/Events

Artwork from Ritual Path DVD by artist John Banks of Artek Images and music by Fritz Heede.  Available from Temple of the Goddess Music & Media Store.


Temple of the Goddess wishes to acknowledge, honor, and welcome those who have joined, tithed, or donated to the temple this month. You keep the temple doors open for all of us.

Realm of Air

Realm of Water
J. Clark
J. Tatum
Anne Gauldin
Realm of Spirit
Dawn Bodnar Sutton
R.A. Anderson
Ana Diaz-Ruiz
Click here for information on becoming a member of TOG. Temple of the Goddess has a variety of ways that you can participate fiscally in our vision. To learn more about making a tax-deductible donation to the temple, go to Gifting Opportunities.
Artwork from Ritual Path DVD by artist John Banks of Artek Images and music by Fritz Heede.  Available from Temple of the Goddess Music & Media Store.

Kid's Realm                         ~~Childhood is a journey, not a race.~~

Seashell Crittersseashell critters
By: Amanda Formaro
Difficulty: Easy
Age: 6 and up
Save the shells you find on the beach this summer and make these adorable little seashell critters.  This activity is a great way to test kids' creativity--have a seashell critter fashion show when you are done!  Continued . . . 

Soothsayings: August - September 2008

CeresIn this season, most think of the Virgo image in the form of Astraea ("star maiden"), the Greek virgin-goddess of justice. She was said to have lived with human beings during the Golden Age, but departed due to the lawlessness in the latter Bronze Age. Thus, she found her abode in the heavens as the constellation Virgo and portrays the remote, celestial goddess who never intervenes in the mundane affairs of mortals. It was left to Hermes (the Roman Mercury), lord of divine communication, to convey the wisdom of Astraea to the inhabitants of earth.
But the season of Virgo better reflects other images of divinity expressed in the ancient world - virginal maiden and Earth mother, warrior daughter and wisdom healer. That is because the major asteroids, located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, are now viewed as the governing influences of Virgo and embody this Sign's multiplicity of talents and powers.
Virgo is foremost the harvester, "she who reaps." Here, she embodies Ceres (Greek: Demeter), the corn goddess and eternal mother. She presides over agriculture and grain crops, instituting the mystic rituals of coming of age and initiation. Her festival of the Cerealia is a celebration of both the harvest and remembrance of the dead, whose substance nurtures the dormant seed into sprouting new life. Continued . . . 
Illustration 1. Ceres

(*) All phenomena are cited for the Tropical (Western) Zodiac
Copyright 2008 by Rosemary Clark

Rosemary Clark is author of The Sacred Tradition in Ancient Egypt: The Esoteric Wisdom Revealed and The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt: The Spiritual Practice Restored. She has also written The Everything Meditation Book and her work is included in Menopause: A One-Stop Resource for Feeling Good and The Complete Dream Dictionary. When not writing and organizing spiritual expeditions to Egypt, she is saying sooth to an international cadre of students and associates.

Temple of the Goddess Young People
Temple of the Goddess is blessed with an incredible group of young people who have given their time and talents in service to the community. This year some of our young people chose to formerly dedicate themselves on a path of spiritual service by walking a labyrinth in contemplation of their chosen paths. Some are recent graduates who will be going away to college and, thankfully, some will remain here to continue studying in their chosen fields. We honor them and send them deep appreciation and good wishes on their future paths.
AnwynAnwyn, Temple of the Goddess 2008 Dedicant and Assistant Choral Director of the Goddess Choir, graduated from Glendora High School with an academic medal awarded by the National Society of High School Scholars for academic excellence throughout her four years of high school and an academic letter in Music. She will attend Citrus College in the fall as a Fine Arts major and will transfer to the National Academy of Recording Arts in two years with future aspirations of helping others in the music industry reach their dreams.
T'LarkT'Lark, Temple of the Goddess 2008 Dedicant, member of the Goddess Choir and Mythic Players, graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts with a Silver Seal from the President for academics, a scholarship from the LACHSA Alumni for outstanding achievement in economics and contemporary issues and was asked to sing the National Anthem at graduation ceremonies. She will attend the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts where she will major in vocals and song writing with aspirations of sharing her vision in music with the world. T'Lark wishes to extend her love to her fellow dedicants and to her "second family" at TOG.
kathrynKathryn Payne, Temple of the Goddess 2008 Dedicant, member of the Goddess Choir and Mythic Players, graduated from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and was awarded a scholarship from CITI-LA Intensive towards her continued education in the fine arts. Kathryn will attend winter session at Pierce College majoring in Acting and will transfer to NYU. Her future aspirations, while continuing to act locally, are to further develop her skills and take on more major roles.
Susan Grey masthead
Ariel Miasnik, Temple of the Goddess 2008 Dedicant, dancer, choreographer, and member of the Mythic Players, graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts with an award presented for Most Outstanding Achievement in Dance. She will attend the Boston Conservatory in the fall where she will continue to develop her dance expertise and has aspirations of joining a dance company specializing in contemporary ballet.

patrickPatrick Humphrey, member of the Temple of the Goddess Mythic Players, graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts having been voted Outstanding Theatre Student three consecutive years. Together with co-artists Zachary Tatum-Nolan and Ariel Miasnik, he has formed the new theatre company Deus ExPression, which is presenting its first production, Death and the Ploughman, under the auspices of Nine Muses Arts. Patrick will remain in the Los Angeles area to continue pursuing work as an actor, with the goal of completing his studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.

zachZachary Tatum-Nolan, Temple of the Goddess 2008 Dedicant and member of the Mythic Players, graduated from Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as one of the outstanding graduating theatre students, winning the coveted Cinderblock Award. Along with numerous awards from the Chapman College Shakespeare Festival, the RoleAbout Theatre Festival, and the Drama Teachers of Southern California for which he was also awarded the DTASC first place scholarship in 2008 for his Shakespeare work, Zach was the recipient of the Ultra-Wall Inc. Physical and Experimental Theatre Scholarship, as well as the Sonia Noriega Memorial Scholarship for Social Consciousness and Justice in Theatre. Zach is going to Rutgers University in the fall, majoring in theatre arts and minoring in philosophy.

alexAlex Endrenyi, Temple of the Goddess 2008 Dedicant and temple co-lighting designer, recently completed two years towards his Sociology major at Moorpark College, in Moorpark California. Alex plans to complete his sociology studies and transfer to Berkley to major in Business Administration.
Susan Grey masthead
Briana Murray, Temple of the Goddess Board Member and temple co-lighting designer graduated from Cal State Northridge with a Bachelors degree in Anthropology. She will continue her education by entering into a Grad Program in the fall of 2009 where she hopes to obtain her PhD. Briana aspires to teach and lecture, traveling to different colleges nationwide, where she hopes to do groundbreaking work in homosexual studies centering on women issues in the community.
Geoffrey Sutton, whom we all lovingly know as Farva, is our temple cellist. He's a professional cellist and a 2008 graduate from Renaissance Arts Academy where his focus was opera. Geoffrey will continue his many musical studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles in the fall of 2008.
All Dedicant Images by:  Les Nakashima
Herb of the Month
by: Fee, Certified Master Herbalist from the Global College of Natural Medicine
hens and chicks 
"Everybody needs places to play in and
pray in, where nature may heal and
cheery and give strength."  -- John Muir

What an incredible time to have graced the Earth! All those born in the month of August call gladiolathe Gladiola and the Poppy your flower for fortune. The Gladiola is the tall, stalk flower that is intensely scented and most commonly used in funeral arrangements. This would be a wonderful flower to use to end relationships or situations you find you have outgrown; for example, "My old way of life has died, it's time for me to move on to a more positive way." On a much happier note, the Poppy is used for prosperity and luck! The Poppy is sacred to many Roman/Greek deities, including Demeter the Goddess of the Harvest.
For the coming cold months, I offer up a Kitchen Witches Container Garden. In a large pot, try planting a combination of herbs together like rosemary, parsley, sage, chives, bouquet dill, garlic and basil. These are all practical seasonings and cooking herbs and they are very easy to grow together in a sunny location and these useful kitchen herbs are associated with the following magical properties. In order: love and healing from rosemary; protection and purification from parsley; wisdom from sage; chives are wonderful for absorbing negativity; protection for dill; garlic is worked for exorcism rituals and basil offers us wealth and good luck. I like to use strawberry pots for this combination!! Kind of a handy thing to have around!!
Referenced from Garden Witchery ~ Magick From The Ground Up
Ellen Dugan, Llewellyn Publications 2003
Poppy and Gladiola courtesy of fotosearch.com
For gardening or herbal questions, contact Fee at khotbc@yahoo.com
full moon celebrationsTemple of the Goddess ~ Full Moon Celebrations
Monthly Celebrations on the night of the Full Moon beginning September 15th, 2008.
Strong lunar energy pulls everything out of hiding and reflects it back at us.  Emotions seem closer to the surface and social inhibitions melt away. While neither Waxing nor Waning, the Full Moon is a highly charged time for release and gain.
During the Full Moon Celebrations you will learn the energy flow of each monthly Full Moon, meditate to draw down the Lunar power, create magic within sacred circle and use divination tools to release the unwanted as well as bring in the desired.
Click here for more information about Temple of the Goddess Full Moon Celebration, and a pdf flyer or email FullMoonCelebration@TempleoftheGoddess.org  or phone: 818-771-5778

Picture Courtesy of Isquiesque
Temple of the Goddess PAGAN BOOK CLUB
When God Was A WomanDo you enjoy reading and discussing books?  Then please join us for the temple's new Pagan Book Club. Some of our young people are hungry to read what many of us older Pagans have long ago read so this is our chance to re-read, share our wisdom, and get some fresh new perspectives from the next generation (or two). We will be reading both fiction and nonfiction. If you're interested in joining us, our first book will be:
When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone

Description: Here, archaeologically documented,is the story of the religion of the Goddess. Under her, women's roles were far more prominent than in patriarchal Judeo-Christian cultures. Stone describes this ancient system and, with its disintegration, the decline in women's status. Index; maps and illustrations.
Click here to buy this book from Amazon and help support the temple. For more info, date, location, email:  PaganBookClub@templeofthegoddess.org 


Temple of the Goddess
Moon Lodge

We gather to honor and celebrate the Moon Mother and her cycles which we embody with her sacred gift of rhythm and blood. Together we will celebrate stories of our own moon-time, from our experiences of menarche to menopause. We will share stories of Her ebb and flow, reconnecting ourselves with these divine and timeless cycles. Our repose in this dreamtime within the safety of a circle of sisters has the power to heal and reunite our deeper selves with the natural world.

The Moon Lodge is held on Wednesdays between 7pm and 10pm.
Moon Lodge Schedule:  August 6th, September 3rd, October 1st, October 29th, November 26th, and Monday December 29th

Dress comfortable and bring comfy pillow and blanket to snuggle in. Bring any sacred offerings you may wish to share with the Goddess on Her Altar. And a decadent snack to share with your sisters.
petroglyphTrance Journey Through Drumming
New class offered by Temple of the Goddess
This is not a "learn how to drum" class, but deep meditation instruction. In this class you will learn about Shamanism and what a Shaman does when she or he moves into a trance and enters another reality. If you've wanted a different way of meditating to "sort things out" then this might work for you. In addition to the trance work, the class will study various topics including:
  • Shamanic Trance Drumming-what it is and where it has been in practice.
  • Spirit Guides-how to obtain one and what a Guide does for you.
  • Relevancy of Shamanic Trance Drumming in today's world. 

Next Series: Tuesdays, September 2, 9, 16, 23 at 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm 
Class led by Pythia, Temple of the Goddess priestess and a practitioner of Shamanic Trance Drumming for 18 years. Click here for more info and a downloadable pdf flyer.

In a Sacred Circle of Sisters,
Come Home to Your Authentic Self

The Shamanic Tantric Dance is a meditation in motion, a sacred dance spontaneously sourced from body impulse.

Introductory Class
Monday, August 4th, 2008 from 7 to 10 pm
Monday, August 25th thru September 22nd, 2008 from 7 to 10 pm $150

No Dance Experience Necessary. For more info click here
Contact Kamala: (310) 455-3876 or kamala@terrakino.net.

Los Angeles Appearance of Wendy Rule

Wendy RuleFriday September 19th, 7:30 PM
Alexia Robinson Studio
2611 West Magnolia Boulevard Burbank CA 91505
Very limited tickets. Only 50 are available! Click HERE to go to buy yours now. Presented by the Crooked Path Pagan Podcast.

Miranda GroupLed by the Red Road
with Miranda, Cliff & Charlene
Ritual, Dance & Sound Ensemble
Saturday, August 23, 2008
7:15 -9:30 pm $35
At The Goddess Studio, Escondido*
3202 Lemora Lane, Escondido
GAIA Fest 2008Gaia Festival & Retreat
October 11-12, 2008
Featured Presenter for 2008: Margaret Starbird
This year's theme for Gaia Fest is Mother Mysteries and will focus on connecting with our inner mother through meditation, journaling, drumming and ritual. What mysteries does She have to share with you?    
Temescal Gateway Park, Pacific Palisades, CA
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